Privacy Policy 

What information we collect

For visitors of our website we collect anonymous and aggregated information on which pages have been viewed so we can improve our website from a performance standpoint. We collect this data with Google Analytics (see more on Datastorage & Cookies below)

Legal Basis

The data we ask you for is only collected due to contractual reasons. In order for us to provide you a service & product we must ask you for some personal information.
Use of Data

Your personal information is not shared or sold with any other company. Your personal information is only shared for legal reasons with the government (simply put, to file our taxes). We do not run ads on our website.


We use only a few cookies on our website to improve your experience. Cookies basically record anonymous session information on the device you're using to access our website. You can easily remove or block cookies via your browser preferences and our website would still function as it is.